Live Free or Die Hard From Government

Government, oh the saviors of humanity as I was taught when I was a kid being indoctrinated into compulsory education. We shall stand for the pledge of allegiance and respect the authority in front of us regardless if they are correct or not. They try to correct our behavior and teach us that without schooling you will be nothing in life.

All through my schooling I wondered to myself why I don’t fit in with this system. Why am I the only one who questions these people trying to change me who aren’t even my parents? Am I abnormal? Am I just not as smart as the rest of the people around me?

All this time I was receiving a shit load of D’s and F’s going through minor depressions of wondering why I couldn’t be like the rest of them. Why can’t I just listen to the person in the front of me, get A’s and B’s, go to college, get a degree, pack on debt, retire, and wait for my social security check and die. That’s what most American’s call a life worth living..  to be an obedient slave and receive scraps from government.

Who the fuck would sign up for that if they were told that as kids? As usual, I ran into my first dose of liberty by Ron Paul and started to understand the lies that were fed to me. I quickly understood that all my life I’ve been lied to and that it was never about me, it was always about them. The system in general was made to make us slaves to the suits and ties in Washington. Being angry and bitter and hating everything they put me through I would swear and curse the names of all them. I would make Facebook posts about the evils of some corrupt politicians and debate with statists who hate the idea of being free.

Recently I had one of those lightbulb on the head moments. I realized my current tactics of arguing with people online weren’t very effective. I needed to find a more powerful way to help the liberty movement grow and save future generations of kids who are presently locked in the indoctrinating jail cell of schooling.. the kids who are suffering just as much as I did when I was young. I want to set the chains free for kids and parents of future generations.

But who am I? I’m just an ordinary guy with no money, no super PAC, and no connections. What do I have to offer? Then I thought that’s exactly what the purpose of schooling is, to belittle you make you to feel like you’re as insignificant as possible.

So I decided to join the freedom movement locally and thanks to Liberty Hangout am getting an opportunity to share my story with you guys. This is exactly what the system is scared of. People like you and I are finally waking up snapping out of the fantasy of savior governments. We are understanding that we have the chance to finally live free. We have the opportunity to become beautiful independent souls.

The system wants you to be dead inside so that you will not be able to breed the wings of liberty around you. As we speak, there are ways we can start to remove ourselves and not participate with the system. Buying bitcoin, living off the grid, and gardening your own food are just some examples that we can currently do to start living free. We are taking away the power of governments in a form they cannot stop. This is the philosophy of agorism.

Start conducting your own research and spreading this message to your inner circles.  You never know who you may inspire. Every seed that is planted grows little by little. Every brain that opens up to the ideas and philosophy of liberty is growing little by little. I know the chains in the current system are oppressing us constantly, but I know deep down in my heart there will be a day when all men live free and when the governments die hard.

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  • September 28, 2015 at 1:17 pm

    Great message, Dan.. Shared.

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