Don’t let the media control your mind: be an independent thinker.

The revolution will not be televised, as spoken by Gil Scott-Heron. I admit he definitely was on to something especially considering Americans are consuming approximately 5 hours of television per day according to reports from Nielson last year. This in essence means that people are consuming hours upon hours of TV shows, sports, celebrity gossip, and mainstream news in general. Americans who work an average 8 hour shift essentially come home and glue themselves to the tube. I’m not demonizing TV but there is an addiction to ignorance that has been plaguing the culture for some time now.

Have you ever asked why it is Americans know more about what celebrities wear, say or do on a daily basis than the crimes committed by our own government? They know what Kim and Kanye do but not that there is a looming debt of over 18 trillion dollars over their own heads. Have you seen Detroit? The United States is tip toeing itself off a cliff of destruction. We seem to be riding with the shades on waiting for the ride to take off.

Boy are we in for a rude awakening. Unfunded liabilities in the United States are currently sitting at a whopping $127 Trillion dollars. This is money the government promises to pay in the future. If you count that per American, each of us owes approximately $1.1 million. I don’t even want to get into the morality of passing debt onto people who are not even born yet. These people who never even got a chance to vote will spend years paying off mistakes voted on from previous generations and the politicians who have sold them off to debt slavery, promising goodies at the present.

You see and hear mainstream liberals bicker about not enough public funding for education, welfare, and social services. Republicans bicker about there not being enough funding for war, military, and safety. Yet despite their baseless banter, the United States federal government continues to spend at an unscrupulous rate, damn near more than the rest of the world combined. Their spending has been out of control and you will never hear anyone in the mainstream media ever mention the crash course towards a national default we are on. You will only hear so called lives of celebrities that really could give a shit less than you about the information above.

I understand the truth hurts, but turning your back on reality to sit back and watch some show about dancing celebrities while that debt keeps increasing will do you no good. The Federal Reserve sits back and performs practices such as quantitative easing, infinitely devaluing your money and your purchasing power for goods and services.

You know what, sit back relax, not much to worry about.. enjoy your stay in front of the TV, even though the Journal of the American Heart Association Researchers found that people who watched three or more hours of television a day were at twice the risk of an early death than those who watched less television. America, we keep moving forward on a path of destruction while the mainstream media continues to put the veil in front of your eyes. For those of you that are just blown away by what I just mentioned, do not allow these media conglomerates or anyone to sit back and tell you what to think, what to feel and what to do. Learn to use your mind on its own and separate yourself from the mindless jargon that will only shield you from the truth. Become your own leader, become your own ruler, and become your own independent human being. Separate from the fantasy, celebrity illusions and regain control of yourself and your dignity.