Is it possible for liberal and conservative Christians to get into Heaven?

I pose to you an interesting question I’ve spent the past day pondering. Is it possible for liberal and conservative Christians to get into Heaven?

Romans 2:15 says, “They show that the work of the law is written on their hearts, while their conscience also bears witness, and their conflicting thoughts accuse or even excuse them.” Since we are blessed with conscious thought, we may learn the world around us, learn scripture and history, and use our conscious thought to know right from wrong. Therefore, since we have the capacity to know absolute truths, we are without excuse if we cannot discern them.

Christ says thou shall not steal. Christ does NOT say it’s wrong to steal from people unless you’re an IRS agent. Christ says thou shall not assault or murder. Christ does NOT say that if you have a shiny badge, it’s okay for you to assault people. Nor does Christ say it is okay to murder people so long as you have on a camouflage uniform.

We know theft and assault to be absolutely wrong, yet liberalism and conservatism alike carve out exceptions when it comes to the government. Both ideologies use the violent force of government to coerce their will upon you. Conservatism will steal from you to fund the military industrial complex and the drug war, and liberalism will steal from you to fund healthcare and education. 

Defense, healthcare, and education are all legitimate needs. However what conservatives and liberals fail to understand is that if there is a demand for a product or service, the free market will meet these needs. Competition will decrease costs and ensure the services are run more efficiently. In addition to this, they will be held accountable for their actions through supply and demand. This is the moral alternative to the immoral welfare/warfare/police state forced upon us at gunpoint by liberals and conservatives. 

As well intentioned as liberal and conservative ideology is, both are still absolutely immoral since they require taxation, which is enforced through violent coercion. We have the mental capacity to rationalize that this is so and are without excuse. The only just society is a voluntarist society, much like Christ preached of. A voluntarist society lacks rulers since rulers are by nature violent, and all exchanges are completed peacefully and voluntarily. 

If a man grew up stealing from his local convenience store every single day and was wholeheartedly convinced that what he was doing was moral and just, we would still call this theft. If he stood before the Lord on judgment day, God would tell the man he is without excuse since he was blessed with conscious thought and the capacity to know right from wrong. Therefore when liberals and conservatives live their entire lives believing that advocating state funded theft and murder is truly right and just, we can expect the Lord to tell them that they are without excuse for condoning violent coercion, since Christ avidly spoke against these things.

As the Bible shows us, Christ only absolves us of our sins if we repent and truly know of our wrongs. We are only offered forgiveness if we know that our thoughts and actions were indeed sinful.  However conservatives and liberals do not believe their ideologies (which are absolutely wrong and immoral) are sinful, otherwise they would not continue promoting their message.

With this known, is it then possible for liberal and conservative Christians to enter into Heaven? Can only Christians that preach non-aggression voluntaryism (anarcho-capitalism) find a place in the Lord’s Kingdom? Let us know what you think. However I ask that you please be prudent in your thoughts and think logically rather than emotionally.