Alex Rodriguez is a Libertarian

Alex Rodriguez is just another capitalist that has fallen victim to the war on drugs, more specifically the MLB’s war on drugs. A man who is arguably one of the greatest players of all time had his entire career tarnished by Bud Selig’s McCarthyist witch hunt.

When Alex Rodriguez took steroids, he made a rational decision and was fully aware of the toll it would take on his body in the long run. However he hurt no one but himself and is wrongfully vilified.

This proves that Alex Rodriguez is a libertarian.



  • Chip

    Ummmm … this is absurd. Is this supposed to be serious?

    Alex Rodriguez has self-interest, as do many people. He decided to break MLB’s rules in an attempt to further his career. He was caught and punished for it. How on earth does that make him a libertarian?

    The MLB does not have a “war on drugs.” That would be the government; that organization that actually uses intimidation and violence against people for buying/selling/consuming plants and chemicals (it is more appropriately called the “war on some people who use some drugs”).

    MLB has established rules by which all persons employed by MLB and its teams (including players) must abide by. If those rules aren’t followed, those persons may receive a reprimand and/or punishment. This is no different than the way many other employers operate.

    If you work for an employer, you can’t simply do anything you want while employed without potentially suffering consequences. You have to follow the rules of your employer. If an employer requires you, for example, to wear a suit to work, and you repeatedly refuse to do so, you may be suspended, fired, or punished in some other way.

    If you don’t like MLB’s prohibition on drug use, that’s fine. If you think A-Rod made a logical, rational choice, that’s fine. If you want to applaud him, that’s fine. But that doesn’t make him a libertarian.

    A-Rod’s breaking of the rules MLB has set for players simply means he’s a rule-breaker. There have been many like him before and will presumably be many like him after who bend or break the rules to get an edge. That doesn’t mean anything as far as a belief in liberty.