Net Neutrality is a Big Fat Lie

A few weeks ago, the FCC passed a 322 page bill that will affect the lives of nearly every single American. The Net Neutrality Bill was passed by unelected bureaucrats and has not even been released to the public, yet all across America people are praising this bill. The bill is supposedly meant to protect the public from discrimination from internet service providers by blocking certain content or charging more for faster bandwidths on a certain site. The bill was proposed after the summer of 2014 when Netflix payed internet companies like Verizon to provide faster speeds to their site. The news of deal was barely covered in the media, yet the FCC decided to introduce a gigantic bill for this non-issue. FCC’s Ajit Pai said when talking about Net Neutrality that it is “a solution that won’t work to a problem that doesn’t exist.” The American public has been deceived into thinking that Net Neutrality is positive, when in reality it was unnecessary and just another action of more government control.

Competition is the essence of capitalism, it’s what keeps the American economy thriving! Unfortunately, the FCC is blocking internet providers from competition that could help to increase their business. In addition to helping businesses, competition would greatly help the consumer as well. The only way for consumers in our current system to get faster bandwidth is to pay for an overall faster package. While this may be a good package for many consumers, some only care about the speed of a few certain cites. For example, someone may not care about how long it takes for their email to load but really wants fast speed video streaming. If selectivity of bandwidths was offered by a company the consumer would be able to save money since they could pay for a few faster bandwidth speeds rather than overall faster speeds. Many argue that internet providers would slow down speeds to popular websites in an effort to get customers to pay more. In a free market, why would any business be stupid enough to consider this? It would practically be suicide for an internet provider as they would lose all of their customers in a matter of months! Also, competition and consumer protection laws already exist to fix this problem if it were to arise. This unnecessary government intervention actually negatively affects companies and the consumer.

The Net Neutrality bill completely changes the power that the government has over it. The bill reclassifies the internet as a public utility which could mean a lot of possible changes to the internet in the future. For one, reclassifying the internet now means that the government can tax it. So much for keeping the internet “free and open to everyone!” It could also mean that website owners are forced to get a license to operate on the internet, another hassle for entrepreneurs in the tech world! The internet is estimated to generate $14 trillion in economic growth by 2020 so innovation of the internet needs to be as easy for website owners as possible. Plus, who knows what is even in that 322 page bill? There could be government control of free speech on the internet for all we know! This government control could be compared to that of newspapers since broadcasters must comply with firm laws obtaining to speech or risk losing their license. The internet contributes such a significant part to our economy the last thing we want to do is make it hard for website owners. Net Neutrality could potentially make it harder to access the internet and make it more expensive, the reason why the bill was introduced! Net Neutrality is a monumental shift towards more government control.

The majority of the American public has been deceived by the leftist media to think that Net Neutrality is a good thing. In reality, Net Neutrality does not benefit the company nor the consumer due to unnecessary regulation. This unnecessary regulation is just more intervention that prevents the free market from working properly. The reclassification of the internet could also potentially be dangerous and change the internet as we know it. The American public needs to wake up and realize that Net Neutrality is just a scam that they’ve been fooled into supporting. Just think, if the law was just why would they be shielding it from the public? Don’t be gullible and stand up to this law before it’s too late.