Rank Hypocrisy and Civil Liberty

If there is anyone on Fox News whose rhetoric I despise more than anyone, it is Sean Hannity. In the area of civil liberties, no one seems more prone to being blown around by partisan winds than he. A man who seemed to champion the Patriot Act, and Bush-era spying, is now a  staunch defender of our collective civil liberties. To me, this is an inherent  by-product of the two-party duopoly we have in this country. That either side can simply adopt a new position, devoid of any consistency, to suit whatever political points they choose to make.

What makes it worse, in an effort to bash Obama and his liberal acolytes as being soft on terrorism, he glosses over one important fact. That if the President can indefinitely detain actual terrorist, and torture them, it stands to reason we are one tortured justification away from individuals and groups in this country being deemed “terrorist” and subsequently silenced. Hannity can’t have it both ways. The precedent being established is that anyone deemed to be a terrorist, as it concerns due process, is a non-entity, and has no rights, be they citizen or foreign national. Not to mention that the idea of stripping people of their citizenship if they are accused of being or supporting terrorist, has political support from at least one prominent politician. That seems to make me a civil liberties absolutist, and if so, I am guilty as charged. Using civil liberties to score political points is dangerous, and allows for precedents to be established that puts our shared freedom at risk. Luckily, none of this has yet to happen. And God forbid it does.

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